Personalized obesity care
at a population scale

At Obthera, we aim to reduce healthcare costs and improve employee health with a cost-effective weight-loss system, software to enable healthcare providers to better serve their patients, and other products that provide people with obesity custom solutions that address their specific needs. We are unique because we are physicians, nutritionists, and scientists who have a professional and ethical responsibility to ensure our programs work. We are supervised by a team of multidisciplinary software developers, scientists, and clinicians. Through scalable, AI-powered obesity treatment systems, Obthera provides direct-to-consumer online weight loss to clients around the world.

The Problem for Employers

Obesity costs US employers $73 billion annually. Employers try to help their employees reduce weight, but despite their best efforts, the costs remain.

For employers to see cost savings, enough individuals need to lose enough weight. For an individual, losing 5% of bodyweight (e.g., “enough weight”) can improve health. A clinical weight-loss program can provide this level of weight loss, but it is not cost-effective to scale so it cannot help enough individuals to be cost-effective for employers to offer. On the other hand, workplace wellness programs are cost-effective to scale, but typically do not help individuals reduce enough weight to make a difference in health.

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The Solution for Everyone

Obthera’s weight-loss program produces clinical-grade weight loss yet is cost-effective enough to scale for workplace wellness. Obthera is an automated weight loss system, delivered via web app, that simplifies self-directed weight-loss for employees. It was built by experts to focus on what really matters to streamline the weight-loss process, and it does the job without the price tag of clinical expertise or excessive resources.

For Individuals

  • Clinical-grade weight loss: Users lose weight using prescriptive meal plans that are customized for each person through our Obthera engine.
  • Ease and consistency: The program is completely online and almost entirely automated.
  • Delicious and satisfying food: The Obthera engine offers local, familiar foods that employees are used to eating—not “diet food.”
  • Appeal: Users can build their own expert-approved meal plans without need for attending clinic appointments or logging meals or behaviors.
Obthera for Individuals

For Employers

  • Healthcare cost savings. Obthera provides quantifiable weight-loss and improvements in health, which studies repeatedly show results in significant healthcare cost savings.
  • Results: Obthera is a clinical-grade, PCP-supervised dietary weight loss program.
  • Employee satisfaction: Our weight loss systems have a track record of high user satisfaction—and an 85% referral rate!
  • Custom solutions at a scale price: Prescriptive meal plans are customized for each person by our Obthera engine, and the entire program is done online via our web app and almost entirely automated.
  • Retention. Because the Obthera system is so simple to use, with no appointments or food and behavior-logging processes necessary for success, employees tend to see the program through to completion, resulting in improved outcomes for both employees and employers.

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