Don’t Focus on “Weight” Loss. Focus on “Fat” Loss Instead.

How is Fat Loss Different from Weight Loss? Weight loss is a task that’s familiar to many people. Maybe it’s losing the five pounds gained over the holidays that is making your pants uncomfortable. Or perhaps it’s losing weight to improve health. Although the term “weight loss” is commonly used, what most people are actually after […]

Life After Fat-Loss

In many ways, fat loss is a transformation. Hard work with a sustainable, trustable program that suits you can lead to so many changes in health and other aspects of life. There is no better way to feel excited about getting started with a journey to better health than imagining your future. Luckily at Dhurandhar […]

Have Diabetes? Reduce or Stop Type 2 Diabetes Through Weight Loss

There are many therapies to reduce the severity and symptoms of type 2 diabetes. Most therapies for diabetes improve blood sugar control through medications. However, fat loss is a different approach, with different results. Fat loss doesn’t just control blood sugar. It can lead to type 2 diabetes remission in some cases! Diabetes remission is […]

The Huge Mistake that Will Stop You From Losing Weight Ever Again

If you are like most people with high body fat, you’ve probably tried to lose it before. If it doesn’t work, most programs or spectators on the sidelines place the blame for that squarely on you. It’s you who needs to “step up” and just take personal responsibility and stick with the program. You should try […]

Concerned About Your BMI? Your Body Fat Matters More.

You have heard that having too much body fat can be unhealthy. But how much is too much? The answer is “it depends.” You might know someone who has diabetes or high blood pressure without very much excess fat. Or you might know someone who has a lot of excess body fat but no current metabolic […]

Lose Your Weight. Don’t Lose Your Lifestyle

We’re all familiar with serious diet products for weight loss that feel like a total overhaul of your lifestyle. They might ask you to cut out entire food groups, clean out your pantry, skip meals entirely, or never eat your favorite foods. These types of products have been the standard for years. But why? Why does it […]

10 Questions a Good Nutritionist Will Ask You

Weight loss diets work best if they are personalized. A personalized diet will usually produce more weight loss than a blanket, one-size-fits-all approach. People have different nutrition needs, different schedules, different social situations, different economic realities, and different food preferences, just to name a few. Therefore, a unique individual needs a unique diet plan. A generalized “blanket” diet […]

The Best Diet is the One You Never Want to Quit

Maintaining weight loss has become the new holy grail of managing health in obesity. Many people can figure out how to lose weight and see temporary health improvements, but it seems like those who keep it off are rare mythical creatures. There are many reasons that is the case. Some of those reasons have to do […]